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my wish...

I left work tonight at 11:07. It was just me and the evening sky. The temperature was perfect. You know...when you can't feel anything...not hot, not cold...just perfect. I walked under this huge pine tree that we have by our office and I heard birds...lots of them. It wasn't a scary bird clamor. It was a joyful noise, lots of chattering, probably lots of girl birds talking about irrelavent things that were only important to the bird who was chirping.
I thought of my granddaughter, Adi. I remembered her mom telling me about an afternoon last summer when she came into the house wearing a hat, sunglasses and binoculars. She had ranch-flavored sunflower seeds and a note pad and pencil. She had been doing some serious bird-watching and was prepared to feed and illustrate her bird friends if she happened to venture upon any of them.
To her avail, she didn't spot one bird...but her Uncle Chad told her about the barn swallows that used to roost in Granny Goose's doorway and drew her a picture. She was then satisfied with her bird-watching efforts as she nibbled on her sunflower seeds.
On the way home tonight, the clock turned to 11:11. I made a wish. I wished that someday soon Adi and I could sit under the big pine tree by my office and listen to the birds...


Jamie Lee said...

Yeah, finally a post!
I wish for you to have your wish! I love ya!
I will definatly be sitting a while more often, welcome to the world of blogging!

angieinpink said...

TENDER!..."probably lots of girl birds talking about irrelevant things that were only important to the bird who was chirping."...THIS is why I LOVE you!!

You take time to appreciate the simple, happy, beautiful things, that in turn remind you to be grateful for the BIG-n-happy things, like adorable grandkids named Ads.

Welcome to the blogosphere o' fun! I miss you, so I, like Jamie, will sit a while with every cute post. If this is a sign of things to come, I am very excited, because this post, to me, was like reading a passage from a very cute book.

xoxoxo, yo.

Kim said...

May your wish come true soon! We all know how much you love your GRANDkids and how much you miss them. I look forward to reading more of your wonderful stories.

Laura Blue said...

tear! i remember you telling my about adi and her bird watching a few months ago and oh how sweet it was then. but today when i read this i thought about how it much feel to have all those cute little grandkids up there in utah and how you must feel when you get to spend quality time with them. i'm thinking about it's going to be when we move to utah in march and leave my mom behind. i'm so sad to think that she's going to miss out on all those fun moments. but if i'm a good daughter like kacee then i'll call her everyday and make sure she knows about every little detail that is going on. you are the most thoughtful granny ever! i love you les!

breezybee said...

simple & beautiful.

Bree from CE

margie said...


i had the pleasure and the priviledge to attend your class at Creative Escape. Thank you (and your sweet hubby) for sharing your talents with us.

margie r (the tall crazy blonde lady from Canada)

Becky said...

les! you're finally blogging! woo hoo!!!! i hope that wish comes true for you too! i know i love it when my nieces are down from flag. it's the best!

Jenn said...

A post! Holy heck, I've been waiting and then I read what you wrote- it was worth the wait. That is the sweetest thing ever and I agree with Ang- it is like reading a pssage from a cute little book.
When will I learn to just sit back and enjoy the little things, things we so often take for granted.
Keep posting and reminding me! Miss you tons!!! xoxox

Stephanie said...

you're my teacher at love notes, and now you're teaching me to enjoy/pay attention to the leetle tiny things around me every day. you are so observant, and great at putting what you see/hear/notice into the cutest words just like you talk in person. great job!

kacee said...

are you feeling loved yet? wow! 10 comments on your 1st post - keep 'em coming!

Oh, and thanks for the sweet stuff about miss Ads, she really is so much like you! you should have seen her play up her witch costume - I think mike said "that was such a lesli thing" at least 5 times while she was dressed up! So sad you couldn't make it - what about next week? Mike's going out of town...;)

sandalloons40 said...

Oh Lesli!
that is so sweet and yes it made me laugh about the birds talking, yikes I must be one big bird. hehe
Ok, well thanks for sharing your little story book. Everyone loves you for being you!

angieinpink said...

hey favorite girl,

i left your new moon in your cupboard @ work. cool? cool.

thanks for lettin' me borrow it sister. love ya!


Chad Cox said...

mom, you really need to post another blog.

ForeverSarahLee said...

Another blog would be super nice.
But, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one.

I sure do miss you Mama #2. Tons!
Work just isn't the same without ya babe.

And I, like Laura, teared about... Thinking about the future moves to UT, and my mom being down here in the firepits of He... Arizona.

I will miss her TONS. I know she too will miss her kids AND grandbabies a TON!

ForeverSarahLee said...

Oh miss Lesli... You are quite one tease, aren't you?!? ;0)

Post us another blog. Please. I have no cell to text you anymore. I don't get to hear your flip... flop sounds any longer and share the occassional day as it is.

I miss you!

Please write. Lol!

So I was cleaning out the cupboards at work the other day and found that book you lent me, along with my Halloween card to you. Guess you never saw the note I posted on the bulletin board for ya. Lol! Let me know if I should bring it back down to work.

Also, thanks a TON for the crock-pot mama. I just LOVE it! And Laura said thanks a ton for that tag curler. You rock gorgeous!