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What to bring to card class...

Hello, my card-making friends! 
Here's the list of stuff to bring to class...

paper trimmer
hole punch for brads
adhesive including...
mounting tape or pop dots
liquid glue or glossy accents
brown ink
exacto knife and cutting mat
tapestry needle

Keep in mind that if you don't have the things on the list...don't fret...we are good sharers!

See you in class...Lesli


Cards anyone?

Hello card making friends in Utah!

It's time for us to get together...
     make some snazzy cards
          and have a delicious meal courtesy of Chef Steve
             (lasagna, a yummy salad and homemade breadsticks)

The themes for this month are 
                            valentines, baby, wedding and thanks.

The cost is $20. 
(Don't forget...bring a friend, you'll receive $5 off your next class.)

Thursday, January 28 at 6pm
Saturday, January 30 at 10am

It'll be in the clubhouse where I live.

Sunset Hollow in Thanksgiving Point
2602 N. Sunset View Way
Lehi, Utah

Hope you'll join us!

P.S. I'll be posting a "what to bring" list as class draws nearer.
P.S.S. Got any question? Post a comment. I'll post the answer here.



Just a few things I love about my guy...

- he calls me beautiful...even when I'm not so beautiful
- he irons my clothes
- he has sparkly, blue eyes
- he fills my cup with marshmallows and then puts in the hot cocoa
- he has the house all clean when I come home from Arizona
- he wrestles with Luke, Adi and Paislee...all at the same time
- he has lots of beautiful white hair
- he yells, "Where's my girl?" when he walks in the front door
- he rubs my feet with baby oil when we watch TV
- he is an excellent golfer
- he goes to girl-type stores with me and doesn't complain
- he learned how to make lemon pound cake because it's my favorite
- he doesn't just give "piggy back" rides, he gives "bucking bronco" rides
- he loves it when Paislee hugs his leg
- he tells me he loves me at least ten times a day
- he shovels the snow before he goes to work
- he is honest
- he cooks and bakes for my card-making classes
- he loves my family
- he sings me silly songs about how much he loves me
- he squeegees the shower door after he showers
- he is gentle
- he believes in me
- he likes to grocery shop
- he thinks I'm cute when I read and do all the voices
- he brings me a taste of whatever he's cooking
- he always remembers to take out the garbage cans on garbage day
- he gets as excited about decorating the house as much as .I do
- he makes me laugh
- he thinks I'm funny
- he smiles really big when he sees me
- he makes homemade bread
- he loves his job
- he looks me in the eyes and smiles when I sing to him
- he goes to chick flicks with me
- he likes to snuggle
- he tells me that I'm good and that he wants to be like me
- he loves G & G day as much as I do
- he knows how to forgive
- he has a "lesli" playlist on his iPod
- he is familiar
- he brings me my own little cup of cookie dough when he makes cookies
- he answers the phone, "Hello, beautiful girl!" when I call him
- he makes heart-shaped pancakes for the grandkids
- he makes what's important to me important to him
- he colors my hair when I can't afford to pay someone to do it
- he calls me "sweet girl"
- he returns things for me when I decide I don't want them
- he fills my car with gas
- he brings me white cake with buttercream frosting from The Chocolate
- he holds my hand
- he is perfect for me...


Twenty. Ten.

Twenty. Ten.
I like the sound of that.
Don't you?
Twenty. Ten.
Numbers you can depend on.
Twenty. Ten.
Numbers that can stand on their own two feet.
Twenty. Ten.
The beginning of a brand [spankin'] new decade.
The beginning of our best year, yet!
Twenty. Ten.
I'm in!


WAKE UP call...or two!

Have you ever had one of those moments where reality slaps you in the face...really, really hard? Well, I had two. Let me share...
WAKE-UP CALL #1 - Steve and I shimmied down the aisle to the back of the plane, right side, by the window where I always sit. I sat down and began to put my seat belt on. I slid the buckle clear to the very end and proceeded to slide it in to the buckle. It didn't reach. I sucked in. It didn't reach. Still sucking in, I sit up nice and tall. It didn't reach. Sucking in, nice and tall, butt plowed into back of seat...still doesn't reach. I'm screaming (in my raspy holding-my-breath voice) while turnig blue, "!!!" CLICK...exhale!!! 
WAKE-UP CALL #2 - We got home from our vacation in Portland/Seattle where we'd done LOTS of walking...up and down hilly streets...sometimes with a 2-year old on my shoulders and always with a 7-year old holding my hand. Anxious to see if we'd lost any weight after all of this exercise, we both climbed on the bathroom scale. Steve went first...okay...pretty much what we expected. I stepped on the scale carefully, making sure not to add that extra ".5" that shows up if you push too hard. That can't be right. I hop off. Try again...even more carefully than before. I WEIGH THREE POUNDS MORE THAN MY HUSBAND! Need I say more?
So how 'bout it friends? Have you ever had a wake-up call? For whatever reason? Let's share...and hopefully, along the way, we'll have a few laughs and maybe end up being a little bit better off than we were to begin with...


Tangles in Your Tummy

Gramma: "So do you kids want to eat lunch or go swimming first?"

Adilynn: "We need to swim first because if you eat first, sometimes you get tangles in your stomach."



That's one smart cookie!